Talk show on population ageing and its challenges for health | ILC BRAZIL – English

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The increasing life expectancy and the new population profile were topic of a talk show, entitled “Longevity: the health challenges for an ageing world”, at the Forum EXAME INFO – The Future of Health on the 1st of December, 2014.

Our President, Alexandre Kalache was interviewed by André Lahoz, Editorial Superintendente at EXAME. He spoke about the impact of population ageing on public policy. According to Kalache, “the wellbeing of this population depends on a revision of health insurance policies and on a reform of medical training – so that medical doctors become better prepared to deal with the physiological particularities of older people and to stimulate a wellbeing culture with a preventative character”.

The Forum EXAME INFO covered various challenges for the health sector in Brazil and the world. The pressure increasing longevity puts on hospitals and health insurers as well as the transformations due to new technologies for both diagnoses and treatment were topics of interest to the audience which was mainly formed by representatives of the business sector, research institutes as well as hospitals and government.