Queensland (Australia) one step closer to becoming age-friendly | ILC BRAZIL – English

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Recently over 9,000 people responded to a survey on how to make Queensland a more age-friendly community. The results of this survey will inform the new seniors strategy. ILC-Brazil’s President Alexandre Kalache visited Brisbane last week to discuss the results of the survey and the new strategy with Seniors Minister Coralee O’Rourke. The Minister recognizes the contributions of older people – something so essential to successful public policy on ageing -, by saying “Queensland seniors have contributed their working lives to our state, building our economy, communities and families, and it is important that we value their contributions and knowledge.”

While in Brisbane, Dr Kalache remembered that an age-friendly community “translates into practice the Active Ageing paradigm which is a process that optimises opportunities for health, participation, lifelong learning and security”. The core principle of applying this paradigm is to recognize older persons’ protagonism throughout the whole process of turning a community more age-friendly, that is, friendly to people of all ages, but through the lens of older people.

For more information visit http://mysunshinecoast.com.au/news/news-display/more-than-9000-responses-to-queenslands-age-friendly-survey,42385 and  www.qld.gov.au/seniors/