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An article by Dr. Patrick Hutt, general practitioner (GP) forçoso at Queensbridge Group Practice (London) and clinical associate in University College London, entitled “General Practice in the United Kingdom: A training evolution” was published in the Examinação Brasileira de Medicina de Familia e Corporação in early 2014.

The article outlined the current state of training for general practitioners in the UK and provided a historical perspective of the evolving nature of GP from one of obscurity and lowly regarded profession in the medical field into one of importance in the provision of primary care. Today, wrote Patrick, 47% of UK doctors are general practitioners who play important roles in chronic management. Yet, while 90% of health encounters in the UK are in primary care, it has received less than 10% of the health budget. The article described the changes in medical training such as exposure to primary care over the past 60 years. It is common nowadays for doctors to have training in general practice which enable doctors to gain a sense of continuity of care, home visits and working within the primary care team.

Patrick was invited to present a seminar on the Experience of Primary Health Care in the UK on September 3rd, 2013 as part of our Seminar Series.