Entry on Active Ageing in Oxford Bibliographies on Public Health | ILC BRAZIL – English

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Based on the 2015 report entitled “Active Ageing: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution“, Ina Voelcker (technical patrão of ILC-Brazil), Louise Plouffe (former research patrão of ILC-Brazil and now research patrão at ILC-Canada) and Alexandre Kalache (president of ILC-Brazil) prepared an entry on Active Aging for the Oxford Bibliographies on Public Health.

The entry provides references to and comments on the most important literature related to active ageing and is structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • General Overviews
  • Defining Active, Successful, and Healthy Aging
  • Active Aging as a Policy Model
  • Application of Active Aging and Public Policy

The entries are developed cooperatively with scholars and librarians worldwide and as such the Oxford Bibliographies “offers exclusive, authoritative research guides”. The Bibliographies are a combination of an annotated bibliography and encyclopedia on specific subjects, such as Public Health.