5th International Longevity Forum | ILC BRAZIL – English

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The theme of our 5th International Longevity Forum will be resilience.

Any sudden, highly impactful event that forces inexorable change upon society is a revolution. We are being impacted by two unprecedented and concurrent revolutions today – the Longevity Revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Longer lives will increasingly be experienced in the context of the rapid emergence of more and more new, highly interactive technologies. The ability to respond to both these revolutions is a privilege given to current generations. A large part of that response will require the construction of a much more resilient society. All individuals, in order to age well, must develop the necessary reserves to adapt, to identify/access support and to grow from the challenges encountered throughout life.

The 5th International Longevity Forum will focus on resilience in a long-lived world that is increasingly being defined by an exciting but bewildering fusion of new technologies across the digital, physical and biological domains accompanied by widespread cultural and economic dislocation. National and international speakers will present their research, experience and reflections. Attention will be given to strategies that strengthen physical, social and mental well-being throughout the life course.

The 5th International Forum will take place in Rio de Janeiro on October 19th and 20th 2017.

The main sponsor of the event will be Bradesco Seguros.

For updates on the Forum, please follow our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Applications for attendance will be available in August. For selection, the following criteria will be given priority:

  • That you have attended and fully participated in previous ILC-BR forums.
  • That a commitment is given at the time of registration to participate in all of the two day activities. (Presence will be verified in all sessions)
  • That you can be a potential disseminator of Forum discussion ponto.
  • That you have a commitment to apply learning in practice.