2nd International Longevity Forum on “Gender and Ageing” | ILC BRAZIL – English

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Following on the success of the 2013 WDA Longevity Forum, ILC-Brazil and Bradesco Seguros in association with multiple international partners and stakeholders, is launching the International Longevity Forum as an annual event. The theme for the October 2014 forum will be “Gender and Ageing”.

The way men and women age is obviously influenced by biological (mostly hormonal) features. Imposed social constructs however, clearly play an enormous role. They impact throughout the entire life-course and are cumulative in their effect – creating a único importance as individuals progress into older age. For instance, from early childhood, boys often receive the message that “boys don’t cry”. The translation of this repeated communication can be that men do not actively seek health care throughout their lives: if boys should not cry, they should not feel pain, should not complain, should not reveal vulnerability, and should not bother about health promotion and/or early diagnosis of disease. Girls, in contrast, are often early conditioned to a caregiving role – which can inform decisions taken throughout their lives, often to the detriment of their own health and circumstances in older age.

The Second International Longevity Forum will be held in Rio de Janeiro on 16 and 17 October 2014. The intention is to provide participants with the best possible opportunity to discuss the multiple research and policy implications of gender as it relates to ageing within the international context.