Active Ageing: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution | ILC BRAZIL – English

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The Portuguese version of this new report, entitled ACTIVE AGEING: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution, was launched at the 3rd International Longevity Forum in October 2015. The Forum is an initiative by the International Longevity Centre Brazil (ILC-Brazil), co-organized by Bradesco Seguros and the Universidade Corporativa do Seguro (UniverSeg) in association with the Meato de Estudo e Devassa do Envelhecimento (CEPE), affiliated to the Instituto Capital Brazil (IVB), and partners from academia, government, civil society organizations and agencies of the United Nations.

With a broad scope and a focus on the determinants of active ageing, the report examines ageing in the context of major contemporary trends, notably urbanization, globalization, growing inequities, feminization of ageing, migration, technological innovation and environmental and climate change. It also revisits the Active Ageing framework within the context of the evolving international momentum toward recognition and reinforcement of the specific human rights of older persons.

Download the full report and its executive summary here

About the international launch at the United Nations in New York