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About the Age-friendly Cities movement The Age-friendly Cities movement, initiated by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global programme on ageing, started in 2007 and now encompasses over 300 cities across 33 countries, with hundreds more informal initiatives. The movement was… Read more With support of a research grant of FAPERJ, the State Research Funding Agency, we developed a new methodology protocol to guide the implementation of one of the first and most important steps to become an age-friendly city or community: a… Read more With the support of the Research Support Foundation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FAPERJ), we revisited and updated a core reference on ageing policy, WHO’s “Active Ageing: A Policy Framework”, developed in 2002. The revised Active Ageing: Policy Framework in Response… Read more Launched at the International WDA Forum held in October 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, this project mobilizes the development of a culture of care in response to the longevity revolution in Brazil. Guided by the Rio Declaration on Developing a… Read more The Age-friendly Public Transport Project brings together different sectors of society to improve urban mobility in Rio de Janeiro, with a primary focus on bus drivers. The project committee is formed by organizations of the transport sector, the Municipal Government… Read more