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On Saturday March 10th, the weekly TV Programme “Como Será?” covered the topic of mobility in older age. Dr. Alexandre Kalache was invited into the studio as an expert on ageing together with an architect, an advocate for older people’s… Read more Alex Kalache participated in a panel on “Living Longer Lives: Blessing or Curse?” on the BBC World Service, last month. The full 50-minute programme is available on the BBC World Service website. Dr. Anne Karpf and Prof. Lynda Gratton also… Read more Yesterday, the newspaper “O Estadão” published a new website exclusively on topics related to longevity. The site, called “Plan your life” (in Portuguese: Planeje sua vida), contains over 80 articles on themes ranging from education over health to housing and travel.… Read more O Tempo (Brazil) 09/07/2017.   Read more O Globo (Brazil) 09/07/2017.   Read more Folha de São Paulo (Brazil) 06/07/2017.   Read more Globo G1 (Brazil) 29/06/2017.   Read more G1 Globo (Brazil) 25/06/2017.   Read more BBC Brasil (Brazil) 25/06/2017.   Read more Revista EXAME (Brazil) 19/06/2017.   Read more