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 The 3rd International Longevity Forum took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from October 21 to October 22. This year the theme was Age-Friendly Initiatives – ranging from age-friendly cities to states, countries, businesses, universities, transport, media and much more. The annual Forum… Read more Alexandre Kalache participated in a panel on “Models for community-based care: Engaging members of the community” and facilitated a discussion on “Ageing in Foreign Land” during the 2nd WHO Global Forum on Innovation for Ageing Populations held at the WHO… Read more On July 15th, we will be launching a new report entitled ACTIVE AGEING: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution at the occasion of the 6th meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing at the United Nations… Read more A new report by the International Longevity Centre Brazil   With a broad scope and a focus on the determinants of active ageing, ACTIVE AGEING: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution examines ageing in the context of… Read more Diego Bernardini, a medical doctor with Master in Gerontology and PhD in Medicine who joined our team as coordinator of special projects, spoke about “Health in all politics” in a seminar on May 8th. Starting from the principle that health is a… Read more On April 14th, we organized a seminar based on the experiences  of a young Brazilian general practitioner with the British National Health Service (NHS), Eberhart Portocarrero Gross, presented his reflections about the NHS and its synergies and parallels with the… Read more At the beginning of March, ILC-Brazil organized a number of activities with the mediano participation of the   Scientific Patrão of Canada’s celebrated National Initiative on the Care of the Elderly (NICE). NICE aims at closing the gap between evidence-based research… Read more To celebrate International Women’s Day we organized a seminar on violence against older women on March 3. To contextualize the topic Cecilia Minayo of FIOCRUZ, PhD in Public Health and Brazil’s top expert on violence against women analyzed the feminization… Read more Age International‘s flagship publication ‘Facing the facts: the truth about ageing and development’ brings together 25 high profile thought leaders, development experts and academics to discuss the impact of an ageing world on international development. The publication was produced to explain… Read more 18min radio interview with Alexandre Kalache on Radio New Zealand National, originally aired on 21 January 2015. Dealing with the aging population Read more