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The 6th International Longevity Forum will focus on Designing the future of ageing. The Forum will be an opportunity to discuss technological developments and other achievements in science and to examine how these advancements will influence the future for individuals,… Read more On August 7th, Alexandre Kalache delivered the closing key note at the Addressing Inequalities Summit, an invitation-only event designed in collaboration with the Government of Canada to foster discussion among participants who are interested and committed to eliminating inequalities experienced… Read more ILC-BR continues to contribute content and technical orientation to an online portal called “Live Longevity” which was launched in October 2017 with the support of Bradesco Seguros. The portal aims at raising awareness on ageing and related topics among younger… Read more Alexandre Kalache delivered the opening keynote on “Brazil – each time older” at the EXAME Health Forum in Brasília. While talking about the impact of population ageing in Brazil, he highlighted the tremendous inequalities in the country. He also put… Read more In the beginning of June, Alexandre Kalache and Ina Voelcker participated in the national conference of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SBGG). Alexandre Kalache had various commitments to present at a session about age-friendly cities, a key note… Read more During the month of May, Ina Voelcker participated in a 4-day workshop of the ILC-GA, organised and sponsored by ILC-Singapore. The workshop, which was held in Singapore and Bintan, an Indonesian island off the coast of Singapore, provided an opportunity… Read more In May 2018, hundreds of people in Rio and São Paulo had the opportunity to listen to Alexandre Kalache, in the Jewish Cultural Centre (Centro Cultural Midrash), the House of Knowledge (Mansão do Conseguir), Fiocruz’s Centre of Strategic Studies of… Read more   Alexandre Kalache had a meão role in the launch of a new platform called Plenae, which integrates information about health and wellbeing in later life. The platform’s main investor is the business executive Abílio Diniz, one of the most… Read more On 21st of April, Ina Voelcker had the opportunity to inspire 700 employees of Cofre Econômica, the largest government-owned financial institution of Latin America, which participated in a two-day event on the big challenges our societies are facing. Ina invited… Read more On 18th of April, Alexandre Kalache addressed the plenary of the Global Incontinence Forum in Rome, calling for a life-course approach to incontinence. He also noted that in developing countries all risk factors are more common, as for instance badly… Read more