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On October 19 and 20, we hosted the 5th International Longevity Forum in Rio de Janeiro. This year’s theme was the construction of resilience along the life course; a very timely topic given the ongoing crisis in Brazil. Read more On October 17, ILC-BR organized a Symposium with three international speakers in São Paulo. The event took place in the auditorium of Iamspe (Institute for Medical Assistance to the Public Servant of the State of São Paulo). ILC-BR organized for… Read more On October 5, ILC-BR organized a seminar to discuss the importance of vaccination across all ages. The seminar was held at Iamspe, the Institute for Medical Assistance for Public Servants of the State of Sao Paulo. Despite rapid population ageing… Read more On October 5th, ILC-Brazil is organizing a seminar on immunization along the life course. The event is organized together with the Instituto de Assistência Médica ao Servidor Público do Estado de São Paulo (Iamspe), with sponsorship of MSD and support of… Read more The 5th International Longevity Forum will take place on October 19 and 20 in Rio de Janeiro. This year’s theme will be resilience across the life course. Registration will open during the month of August. Please follow us on social… Read more On October 6 and 7, 2016, the International Longevity Centre Brazil (ILC-Brazil) held the 4th International Longevity Forum with Bradesco Seguros being the main sponsor. The Forum also counts on the support of Galderma and other institutional partners (SBGG, UnATi/UERJ… Read more The 4th International Longevity Forum will focus on the “role of design and technology to improve quality of life in older age”. The intent is to discuss not only products, but additionally, the design of services and their applications, with… Read more