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A new report by the International Longevity Centre Brazil

With a broad scope and a focus on the determinants of active ageing, ACTIVE AGEING: A Policy Framework in Response to the Longevity Revolution examines ageing in the context of major contemporary trends, notably urbanization, globalization, growing inequities, feminization of ageing, migration, technological innovation and environmental and climate change. It also revisits the Active Ageing framework within the context of the evolving international momentum toward recognition and reinforcement of the specific human rights of older persons.

A little flavour of the report:

The extra years of life are an unprecedented privilege – this is nothing short of a revolution.


We need to abandon existing notions of old age and retirement to respond to the Longevity Revolution.

A draft of the report has been reviewed and praised by many experts on ageing:

cover-page-of-report-211x300-7564513“The document will serve widely as the ‘bible’ on ageing at all levels – an extremely important source and resource for all who are working or wanting to consult on ageing. It becomes a veritable, no, the international handbook on ageing. It is extremely comprehensive, insightful and instructive.”

(Dr Monica Ferreira, former Co-President of the Global Alliance of ILCs and President of ILC-South Africa)

“ILC-BR has managed to incorporate into a hundred pages text the major parameters of population and restrito ageing, as well as the outline of responses to the corresponding challenges and opportunities. Significant and successful efforts have been made by the authors to broaden and deepen the content of the policy framework on active ageing.”

(Dr Alexandre (Sasha) Sidorenko, Former Head of the UN Programme on Ageing and Senior Advisor at the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research)

“To achieve all of this [my mandate], it is relevant and important to adopt an inclusive approach in order to create space for constructive engagement and dialogue, allowing interaction with state and non-state actors to ensure definitely the greatest protection of human rights of older people all over the world. This document on Active Ageing by the International Longevity Centre Brazil is an important contribution to this engagement and dialogue in order to improve the lives of older persons.”

(Rosa Kornfeld-Matte, Independent Expert on the enjoyment of all human rights by older persons)

“Arriving in old age frail and vulnerable may find millions of older persons at risk of abuse, neglect and violence. Global Stakeholders, National Governments, and Policy Makers should heed the recommendations found within Active Ageing which lays out the means to promote change in policy and practice, to avoid such suffering and reduce the economic cost of health care and ensure quality of life in old age.” 

(Susan Somers, President of INPEA – International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse)

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